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Our headquarters is in the heart of the Midwest in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

M D Publications, Inc., PO BOX 2210, Springfield, MO 65801-2210. Inquiries are welcome by mail or telephone, 800-274-7890, 417-866-3917; fax 417-866-2781. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

A Brief History:

In 1976 my parents, Les and Carol Langsford, founded M D Publications, Inc. They published their first issue of Muffler Digest in August of that year after their son Rokey opened a muffler shop and found no trade journals that significantly helped business owners in that segment of the aftermarket. I worked here at the time, stuffing envelopes, emptying trash and learning our family business – and even put in some time at my brother’s shop.

M D Publications Inc., was the parent company of Auto TECH expo, Undercar Digest and Transmission Digest, and had a long history of providing accurate news and up-to-date technical and management information to the automotive-repair industry. This published information was complemented by the formation of an industrywide transmission trade show in 1984 and an undercar trade show starting in 1987. The two mega-events merged in 1996, and Showpower Expo was born! Today the refocused Auto TECH expo includes top manufacturers and distributors in the auto-repair industry, plus technical and management seminars that examine the core developments in all aspects of automotive diagnostics and repairs in our industry.

M D's start took place more than 40 years ago in 1976, when founders Les Langsford (1928-1993) and Carol Langsford (1933-2012) published their first issue of Muffler Digest in August of that year. Being the predecessor of Undercar Digest, Muffler Digest was well received by muffler-shop operators. In the past, these shop operators could find only limited information and advertising in general-repair trade magazines about the exhaust-system replacement business.

M D introduced Transmission Digest in 1981 – meeting the needs of another segment of the repair market that had been ignored. It too was a hit with its readers. Shortly afterward, M D began publishing Transmission Tech/Talk, a monthly eight-page technical bulletin, for the industry.

With muffler shops beginning to offer more and more undercar repairs, Muffler Digest was revamped in 1987 and renamed Undercar Digest, adding brake and chassis repairs to the editorial mix. Today the magazine features technical information on a wide array of repairs with emphasis on diagnostics and drivability.

In 1990, M D began offering Brake Tech/Talk and Alignment Tech/Talk, two monthly technical bulletins that deal with topics such as ABS and all-wheel alignment.


Michelle Dickemann,
MD Publications